06 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-006

Farah PRT celebrates
development projects increase

KABUL, Afghanistan – A Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) held an Afghan dinner recently to celebrate a tenfold increase in development projects throughout the year.

“This time last year the PRT was executing $600,000 worth of projects,” said Cmdr. Frank Hughlett, Farah PRT Commander. “Today we have almost $6 million worth of development going on in the province. None of that would have been possible without the partnership and support we received from the Provincial Council.”

The dinner served as a way for the PRT to celebrate the New Year and to thank the provincial leadership as they move forward with development, he added.

The meal was a traditional Afghan dinner at the PRT Civil-Military Operations Centre. Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley, ISAF Deputy Commander, and Maj. Gen. Primicerj, Deputy Commander Stability, attended the dinner. They broke bread and shared conversations with the local politicians, including the Deputy Governor, Chief of Police, Provincial Council members, Director of Education, Director of Rural and Rehabilitation Development as well as key members of the PRT staff.

“You have one of the biggest provinces in the country, a very scattered population, and some of the worst roads and means of getting around,” said General Riley. “You have a huge job in your task of building a new society in this province, but you have made a remarkable beginning. Some of the work that you are undertaking, like the Centre for Excellence, would be a big project in any country in the world. That you are able to invest in this way in the youth of your country should be an example to every province in the country. As Farah is the fourth largest producer of opium, this has to be reversed. Poppy is fuelling corruption and criminality that is an unwelcome example to the rest of Afghanistan.”

The ISAF Deputy Commander took several messages back to Kabul from his visit to Farah, including the need to improve security so that development projects could continue in the province.

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