News Releases 2007

ISAF News Releases are produced by the ISAF Press Office.

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audioDecembertop top

ISAF assists with Balkh hospital reopening

New clinic opens in Musahi Valley

Insurgents killed during attack in Paktika

ANA, ISAF launch operation in Musa Qala

audioNovembertop top

Insurgents Arrested in Badghis Province

audioOctobertop top

COMISAF visits Faryab Province

One ISAF member killed, 2 wounded in Kunar

New bridge in Teshkan connects Afghanistan

Soldier killed in southern Afghanistan

PRT employee killed in eastern Afghanistan

ISAF strongly condemns suicide bombings

audioSeptembertop top

ISAF helicopter performs emergency landing

PRT Chaghcharan destroys ordnance

French Mirages arrive at Kandahar Airfield

ISAF helicopter overturns during landing

ISAF helicopter overturns during landing

ISAF supports humanitarian effort

ISAF hosts Ramazan dinner with maleks

Kidnapped Italian soldiers rescued

4 killed, 12 others wounded in Kunar

Farah City orphans get new orphanage

Tornados complete 500 flights

Insurgent commander arrested in Tagab

Latvian President visits PRT Meymaneh

Mehtar Lam team trains Afghan police

New bridge opens in Musahi Valley

Weapons cache raided in Uruzgan

ISAF servicemember found dead

audioAugusttop top

Attack on ISAF, ANA and Local Nationals

ISAF servicemember found dead

ISAF soldier killed, one wounded in ambush

Qalat PRT assess Zabul road project

ISAF soldier dies of wounds

Friendly fire incident to be investigated

Insurgents attack ISAF base

Plumbers Course Opens in Tarin Kowt

ISAF troops help NGO, orphans

Significant weapons cache found, destroyed

IED Facilitator Arrested in Kabul

ISAF trains ANA on building bridges

ISAF/ANA responds to flooding in north

Taliban targeted in Helmand

Drugs facilitators targeted in Lashkar Gah

Suicide bomber killed in Lashkar Gah

1 ISAF service member killed, 1 wounded

audioJulytop top

Insurgents use mosque for cover

Commanders' Farewell

Known Taliban successfully targeted

1 ISAF soldier dies in eastern Afghanistan

4 ISAF soldiers killed in IED strike

2 ISAF soldiers die in Afghanistan

ISAF troops bring medical aid to village

ISAF servicemember killed in Kunar ambush

Romanian units transfer authority

Suicide bomber kills only himself

Nuristan PRT brings aid to Parun

Villagers turn in explosives to PRT

Bomb kills, wounds dozens of civilians

Turkish soldiers lay school foundation

Explosion kills ANP and children

Lithuanians mark Statehood Day

French respond to Rochab flooding

2 ISAF soldiers killed, several wounded

Infant is sole survivor of IED blast

Farewell ceremony for Ghowr governor

PRT commanders share work experience

1 ISAF soldier killed, 2 wounded

1 killed in early morning accident

Political parties meet at PRT Meymaneh

Ghazni shura paves way ahead in village

Shura leaders ask for ISAF support

audioJunetop top

Taliban rockets kill 3 civilians, injure 7

Soldier dies, 1 wounded in S. Afghanistan

Search of IED factory turns up weapons

Known Taliban extremist area cleared

Farah PRT hosts free medical clinic

Canadians honor departing Afghan generals

ISAF, ANSF detain insurgents in Uruzgan

ISAF soldiers save life of Afghan woman

Chowreh now calm, fighting left many dead

Afghan citizens foil suicide bombing

1 ISAF soldier killed in E. Afghanistan

3 ISAF soldiers killed in explosion

Afghans claim Mullah Mahmood Baluch dead

New commander at PRT Meymaneh

ANSF, ISAF unite during Operation Maiwand

ISAF to observe US Army’s 232nd birthday

Air strike targets several Taliban leaders

ANP, ISAF defeat enemy force in Ghazni

Village elders banish Taliban

Victory for Afghan farmers

ISAF saving children’s lives

Taliban direct mortars toward hospital

Bicycle-borne IED injures Afghan child

Police trainees graduate with new skills

audioMaytop top

ISAF helicopter down in Afghanistan

ISAF, ANSF train to thwart IED threat

ISAF extends its influence in Uruzgan

ISAF soldier dies after traffic accident

Doctor, nurses targets of Meymaneh IED

Italians disarm IED

One Afghan injured as ISAF base rocketed

ISAF soldier dies of non-combat injuries

Civilian injured in traffic accident

TF Spartan, UNAMA agree on successes

ISAF statement on border shooting

ANSF, ISAF forces ambushed in Nuristan

ISAF destroys large Taliban weapons cache

A NATO commander tours Nangarhar

Afghanistan takes government to the people

Shura in Khaki Jabbar

ISAF counters reports of NATO air strikes

ANSF arrest 2 Taliban extremist leaders

New school opens in Panjshir province

Dutch troops receive American honors

ISAF servicemember found dead

audioApriltop top

ISAF servicemember found dead

Media reports of Uruzgan incident

PRT Herat opens Pharmakan school

ISAF’s PRT Herat opens Shindand school

ISAF troops help following road accident

Herat PRT inaugurates school

ISAF troops surprise extremist bombers

ISAF visits school, delivers supplies

Bamyan RTC welcomes female police officers

COMISAF visits Regional Command South

Humanitarian groups meet with Nuristan PRT

New checkpoint opened

Gunman attacks Afghans working for ISAF

Another step to improve education in RC-N

ISAF helps GoA in flood relief effort

audioMarchtop top

ANP capture key Taliban leader

President Karzai visits Northern Helmand

COMISAF visits RC-West and Qual-e-Now PRT

German tennis club donates school tents

ISAF soldiers die of non-combat injuries

Afghan policemen train for increasing role

Zabul celebrates the Afghan New Year

PST donation to ANP families

ISAF PRT helps local economy

ANP, ISAF detain two in Logar Province

Donations to 350 orphans in Kabul

ISAF, ANSF troops welcome the New Year

Shura held with Village Elders in Ghorak

Tragic incident involving ISAF convoy

Qalat radio station resumes broadcasting

Convoy strikes child in Puli Alam

Dutch Ministers visit Afghanistan

Afghan traffic police receive new vehicles

PRT Farah funds new Education Centre

Turkey Donates Military Equipment

Herat PRT opens new Health Center

Gifts for Now Ruz

Nursing students graduate from Qalat PRT

ISAF commanders meet troops in Op Achilles

No ISAF involvement in ANP shooting

PRT soldiers support local education

Praise for Afghan Security Services

PRT Commander makes donation to orphanage

Security Meeting in Herat

Accident near Taloqan City

Better security on the Ring Road

ISAF helps repatriate bodies to Pakistan

Operation Oqab Magnet

Operation Achilles covering more ground

Operation Achilles making progress

ISAF refutes claim of downed aircraft

ISAF soldier dies of non-combat injury

ISAF’s armour plated Aussies

Titan training program targets ANSF

Ten Kandahar ANP patrolmen receive awards

Making a difference, Making New Friends

Two ISAF Soldiers Killed in Action

Extremists no match for ANA & ISAF

New playgrounds installed in Tarin Kowt

audioFebruarytop top

Kunar families receive goats

Two civilians killed in Garmsir

Shura in Surobi District

NATO Leaders visit Afghanistan

ISAF Troops build new road for locals

PRT Executive Steering Committee Meets

New Schools Open in Kabul

ISAF soldier killed in Western Afghanistan

ISAF soldier dies in Afghanistan

Joint ISAF, ANA training in RC-C

Attempted suicide bomb attack in Khowst

ANA, ISAF checkpoint threatened

ISAF forces receive fire in Kandahar City

Latest phase of Operation Oqab winds down

Tarin Kowt trade training schools opens

PRT hosts Afghan women’s luncheon

PTAT graduates two classes

Suspected bomb making facility disrupted

ISAF engages enemy firing point

ISAF and ANA clear enemy from key dam

PRT continues good work in Nuristan

Abdul Ghafour killed in Musa Qala

Operation OQAB winds up in Farah province

General McNeill assumes command of ISAF

ISAF carries out distributions around RC-C

Developments in Musa Qaleh

District center opens in Sherzad Village

Two Afghan civilians injured in shooting

audioJanuarytop top

ISAF surgeons train Kabul surgeons

Kandahar PRT holds change of command

ANA and Coalition forces engage insurgents

Jalalabad PRT donates printing press

PRT supports religious school in Meymaneh

Joint Intelligence Operations Centre opens

Eight Afghans killed by suicide bomber

New clinic opens in Khost province

Pech Road groundbreaking ceremony

New school opens in Nangarhar province

Jalalabad PRT supports community projects

ANAP graduates 76 new recruits

Medical donation in Surobi

ISAF thwarts suicide bomb attack

ISAF clarifies cross border cooperation

Two ISAF soldiers wounded in IED strike

PRT donates computers to local media

Winter humanitarian missions help many

Local national injured

Zahre district secured

Medical support reaches remote villages

PRT Mehtar Lam helps disabled in Laghman

ISAF invests in local economy

Kandahar PRT conducts medical outreach

Villagers Return to Sperwan Ghar

Panjshir PRT facilitates mosque repair

Toy guns a concern to ISAF troops

Operation Baaz Tsuka yields weapons cache

Insurgents defeated near Cahar Cineh

First money withdrawal in Khowst province

ISAF soldiers donate sheep for Eid

PRT Farah assists burn victim

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