24 Dec 2007

PR# 2007-741

Insurgents use human corpses as IEDs

KABUL, Afghanistan – Insurgent bomb makers in Kandahar Province have in recent days twice used human corpses to hide improvised explosive devices (IEDs).   On Dec. 21, an IED was planted on the body of a decapitated Afghan national found in a cemetery.  Two Afghans were killed and two were injured when that IED exploded.  

Yesterday, another booby-trapped body was discovered approximately 18 kilometres away from the first incident.   That IED also exploded, but no one else was killed or injured.   

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the absolute disgraceful use of human corpses to place IEDs,” said Brig. Gen. Carlos Branco, ISAF spokesman.  “For insurgents to use such tactics goes far beyond the pale of human decency, desecrating human remains in such a way.”     

The booby-trapped corpses were found outside Kandahar city, in Kandahar province.  ISAF bomb experts are currently investigating what types of explosives were planted on the corpses. 

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