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19 Dec 2007

PR# 2007-736

New clinic opens in Musahi Valley

The opening ceremony for a new clinic in Kuz-Mia-Kheyl, a district of Musahi Valley, took place recently.

The $300,000 project was built by an Italian contingent of ISAF and is part of the civil-military activities aimed at improving the health system in the southern region of Kabul.

The new clinic will allow the medical and paramedical staff of the Afghan Ministry of Health to operate conveniently in favour of the villages located in the Musahi Valley.

The ceremonial ribbon cutting was performed by Saif Gul Raman, governor of Kuz-Mia-Kheyl, and the commander of the Italian contingent. The head of the shura and the religious leaders of the Musahi Valley communities also attended the ceremony.

Local leaders expressed their deep gratitude to ISAF soldiers and highlighted the fact that the successful opening of new wells, roads, schools and bridges has re-established the community in Musahi Valley.

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