28 Nov 2007

PR# 2007-722

Precision air strike targets
Taliban leader in Nuristan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Acting on credible intelligence from several sources, International Security Assistance Forces conducted an air strike using precision munitions killing a number of insurgents in the Nurgaram District of Nuristan Province on Nov. 26.

The intelligence indicated that an insurgent leader and his forces were preparing for attacks on Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF elements operating in the area.

Allegations have been made that construction workers were killed in the air strike.  Afghan government officials, ANP and ISAF forces are conducting a joint investigation at this time. 

“We take allegations of this kind very seriously and make every effort to minimize the possibility of civilian casualties,” said Brig. Gen. Carlos Branco, ISAF Spokesman.

ISAF commanders in Nuristan Province and the provincial governor spoke about the air strike early Tuesday morning.  Nuristan governor Tamim Nuristani informed the Provincial Reconstruction Team commander that Abdulla Jan, the Western Nuristan Taliban commander, may have been killed in the air strike.

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