06 Nov 2007

PR# 2007-699

More than 500 attend
Deh Yak District Center opening

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF’s Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team and servicemembers from ISAF’s Regional Command-East joined Ghazni government officials and more than 500 Deh Yak District residents to celebrate the opening of a new district center recently.

Traditional drummers and school children with Afghan flags formed a processional into the courtyard where the large crowd was seated on benches.  Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF servicemembers provided security for the large gathering.

The ceremony marks the largest gathering where the PRT commander, Ghazni governor and sub-governors have come together to celebrate the opening of a new district center, according to Hajji Faizal, sub-governor of Ghazni Province. 

“The people of Afghanistan are tired of fighting. Now there is a need for peace, now is the time for peace and unity. We should work shoulder to shoulder to make our country better,” said Faizal.

The need for unity and cooperation among the people of Deh Yak was stressed by Faizal. 

“With the opening of this new district center we need to work like brothers without ethnic discrimination,” Faizal said. “We want to show the PRT commander the unity of the people here and express our appreciation for this new district center.”

Faizal was followed by Shikh Rasoli one of the provincial senate representatives who also spoke on the need for unity and education.

 “We have to work hard to improve our country.  If we have schools we need to go to them to be educated.  Without going to school we will be uneducated and vulnerable to the enemy,” said Rasoli.  “No pain, no gain.  If we work hard, if we care about our friends and work together then things will get better.  If you are not helping, if you are not studying, you will not have a good future.  If we study and have an education then we will have a good future and economy.”

During the conclusion of the ceremony, traditional gift giving and a meal was served to the participants. 

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