03 Nov 2007

PR# 2007-697

ISAF, MOI condemn killing of civilians by Taliban

The Ministry of the Interior of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and ISAF strongly condemn the execution of six Afghan civilians and one Afghan police officer earlier this week after Taliban insurgents overran a district police center in Gulistan District of Farah Province.

“We have been able to confirm that Taliban insurgents brutally killed these innocent people because they suspected them of working with the government.  This is an intolerable outrage designed to terrorize the local population,” said Dr. Hakim Asher, Chief of Media and Public Relations for the MOI. 

“A number of Taliban extremists have attacked the Gulistan district center, but they will not prevail.   The Afghan National Security Forces have reacted well to the challenge and have been able to regain the upper hand,” said Brig. Gen. Carlos Branco, the ISAF Spokesman. 

Taliban extremists staged similar attacks on remote district centers at this time last year.  The same district center in Gulistan was taken by Taliban last September and held for ten days before they retreated.  “The Taliban stage these attacks for the propaganda value.  They attack small locations with little ANSF or ISAF presence, then exaggerate their claims,” said Branco.

Overall, the number of attacks against district centers by Taliban extremists in Afghanistan has decreased to less than half the 2006 total and the locations have been less significant.

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