22 Oct 2007

PR# 2007-685

ISAF aids children injured by possible IED

KABUL, Afghanistan – Four children were injured after playing with a possible Improvised Explosive Device in Kandahar province Oct. 21.

ISAF troops arrived at the blast site following the incident and requested medical assistance when it became apparent that four children had been injured.

Two of the wounded children were transported to an ISAF medical facility where they were treated by an ophthalmic specialist for severe wounds to the eyes.

The two other children involved in the blast sustained less serious injuries and were taken to a local hospital in the Kandahar area.

“Afghan people are the most common victims of Improvised Explosive Devices.  We ask Afghan citizens to report them so ISAF can assist and get rid of this scourge.” said Wing Commander Antony McCord, a spokesman for Regional Command South.

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