23 Sep 2007

PR# 2007-651

4 killed, 12 others wounded in Kunar

KABUL, Afghanistan – Four Afghans were killed and 12 others wounded at about 12:35 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, in the Sarkani District of Kunar Province after they were engaged by ISAF forces.

ISAF helicopters, which were already in the area during an insurgent 107mm rocket attack of an Afghan National Army base, were requested to support the ANA force.  ANA and ISAF service members initially responded to the attack with artillery.  The helicopters moved to the suspected origin of the rockets, identified and engaged a group of approximately 30 suspected insurgents resulting in four being killed and 12 others wounded.

All of the wounded were recovered by an ANA quick reaction force and moved to ISAF medical facilities where they were treated for their wounds.  Four of the wounded are still under ISAF care.  The remaining eight, who had minor wounds, were treated and released to local authorities.

One ANA soldier was wounded during the rocket attack.  He was evacuated to ISAF medical facilities and is undergoing treatment.

Initial reports stated the suspected insurgents were ANP and road construction security guards who were dressed in civilian attire and carrying weapons on an uncoordinated patrol in the area.

The official status of the engaged forces has yet to be determined.  A combined GIRoA and ISAF investigation into this engagement is ongoing at this time. 

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