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20 Sep 2007

PR# 2007-646

Farah City orphans get new orphanage

Farah City, Afghanistan - Soldiers from ISAF Province Reconstruction Team Farah helped the city’s 200 orphans move into their new $130,000 USD orphanage recently. Working side by side, the orphans and soldiers loaded beds, bedding, desks and kitchen utensils into a five ton truck.

Previously the orphans lived in the dining facility at the Education Department, with two rooms allocated for administrative offices. There was no running water, so hygiene consisted of sponge baths from a bucket near the local well.

The new orphanage features both boys and girls dormitories, a dining facility and administration offices. There will also be a septic tank with a leach field, and a generator for power.

“The new orphanage is nicer, cleaner and more secure than the old facility, but the big advantage is that they also have running water,” said U.S. Lt. John Genta.

Shir Pir Construction employed 20 men for a 10 month period in the construction of the orphanage, which has the capacity to comfortably house 300 orphans.

“Before there was no one to help the orphans, but now the PRT has given them a new home,” said Nasrullah Amini, Director of Social Affairs for Farah province.

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