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18 Sep 2007

PR# 2007-641

ISAF unit donates supplies to boys’ school

FARAH CITY, Afghanistan – American and Italian soldiers from ISAF’s Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah celebrated the start of another school year by donating school supplies to Abu Naser Farahi Boys School during a recent visit.

Chief Petty Officer James Brown, PRT education officer, worked with teachers in the United States to collect pens, pencils and notebooks.

“The first time I went out on a mission I brought candy for the children,” Brown said.  “They didn’t want candy; they wanted pens, pencils and paper. I thought that was great.”

Working alongside the Italian Civil Affairs team, the soldiers toured the boys’ high school. Although the PRT reconstructed the 76-year-old school three years ago, the teachers and students still taught and studied with old equipment.  For example, science laboratory models date from 1945 and students read from heavily worn paperbacks.

“It is very interesting to see what they are making do with compared to what we have in America,” Brown said.  Despite the lack of current materials, they still teach science and they continue to function, Brown added.

Mr. Atiqullah, director of education for Farah province said more than a thousand students study in shifts due to a shortage of classrooms. The students’ average age is 18, but there are several 22-year-old students whose education was interrupted by years of conflict, according to Atiqullah.

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