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06 Sep 2007

PR# 2007-628

Skill courses center opens in Khak-e Jabbar

KABUL, Afghanistan – Regional Command Capital’s Turkish Battle Group and Civil-Military Cooperation opened three skills development centers recently.

“Our target for the centers is to give job skills to approximately 700 Afghan residents in Khak-e Jabbar and Bagrami to give Afghanistan a prosperous future,” said Brig. Gen. Kasim Erdem, RC-Capital commander.

Also attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Seyit Mahmut Halik, chief of Public Education Department, and Dr. Hamide Huma Nuristani, Kabul education chief.

Cemile Galip is studying carpet-weaving.  “I began this course two months ago and now I can weave a bit,” Galip said.  “Carpet-weaving is lucrative.”

Samiullah Zizi is studying to be a blacksmith and has learned how to make pipes and tea kettles.

Abdurrahman is attending a computer course and hopes to be a computer engineer.

“This is the first time I have ever written my name on a computer screen,” Abdurrahman said.

Students can sell products they make at the center.  They can keep half of the profits and the other half goes to improve the centers.

Overall, RC-Capital has opened 12 centers to teach sewing and embroidery, carpet weaving, computer, Turkish language, and blacksmithing in Bagrami, Khak-e Jabbar and PD-9 Khud Hill.  The centers employ 21 instructors and have 435 students.

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