03 Sep 2007

PR# 2007-622

Mortar team eliminated after engaging ISAF base

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – An insurgent mortar position was destroyed by ISAF soldiers in the Pech District of Kunar Province after attacking an ISAF base with indirect fire Sept. 1.

As a result of the insurgents’ mortar fire, seven Afghan non-combatants, two women and five young men, were wounded.  An ISAF medical facility treated the seven people for injuries.

The insurgent mortar team’s firing position, which was located in the vicinity of civilian buildings, was positively identified during their attack on the ISAF base. 

ISAF troops engaged the mortar team’s position with precision munitions to minimize collateral damage.

Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF take every precaution before engaging targets to ensure that they are legitimate and to avoid injury to non-combatants and the destruction of personal property.

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