26 Aug 2007

PR# 2007-614

Qalat PRT assess Zabul road project

QALAT, Afghanistan – Qalat Provincial Reconstruction Team civil affairs engineers recently conducted a road assessment on a $600,000 road construction project in Zabul province

“The 24-kilometer road connecting Qalat to outlying villages is expected to reduce driving time,” said Capt. Bob Everdeen, Qalat PRT official“The road will provide a safer, shorter route that will allow local residents better access to economic opportunities and emergency services.”

The road also includes 20 culverts and improved drainage systems to handle runoff and erosion, Everdeen added.

The U.S.-funded project will combine engineer assets from Qalat PRT and local Afghan labor

“It is important that we invest in construction projects,” said 1st Lt. Travis Vazansky“We need to focus on quality of life improvement projects that will help improve industry, commerce and education that help connect the people of the outlying countryside with each other and the legitimate government of Afghanistan."

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