26 Aug 2007

PR# 2007-612

PRT Farah gets new medical facility with staff

Wali comforts his son, Mohammad Sadiq, after his surgery at the new PRT Farah Medical Facility.

FARAH CITY, Afghanistan - A new, $43,000 medical facility has opened in PRT Farah recently. The hospital will be staffed with a permanent, 10-person Forward Surgical Team. The new personnel and building will upgrade the facility’s operation to surgical capability.

The building houses an operating room, an Intensive Care Unit, indoor latrines and showers, a mass trauma receiving room, a sick bay, six patient beds, a patio triage area, nursing station and an administrative room to house the computer system.

The new staff consists of an Orthopedic Surgeon, a General Surgeon, a certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Licensed Practical Nurses, Surgical Scrub Techs and administrative personnel. The entire Forward Surgical Team consists of 20 people, so the 10 person team at PRT Farah will have to wear several hats.

“The Forward Surgical Team at Farah will be equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and medical technology that is currently available. It is truly first rate,” says U.S. Colonel Bart Iddins, Commander of Task Force Med Afghanistan.

With this significantly improved medical facility, the surgical team is prepared to treat the Afghan people in their time of need.

“Time is of the essence with a trauma, and the objective of a Forward Surgical Team is to get to them within that golden hour to save life or limb,” says Lt. Col. Carson, head of the Forward Surgical Team.

Between treating trauma victims, the surgeons also plan to offer free elective surgery to the public.

Abdul Qayum Demukrat from Shir Pir Construction Company built the new facility using reinforced concrete, an advanced construction technique for Afghanistan. The construction project employed 20 Afghan workers for a six-month period.

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