22 Aug 2007

PR# 2007-602

Plumbers Course Opens in Tarin Kowt

Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan - Task Force Uruzgan has completed its first basic plumbing course today, opening further employment opportunities to the Tarin Kowt community.

The four week basic plumbing course, the latest offered at the Australian Reconstruction Task Force’s Trade Training School, concentrates on water storage and reticulation methods.

“These are the skills that will contribute to a healthy community,”

said Australian Warrant Officer Shane Johnsson. “By teaching safe storage methods and the use of sustainable water source, we are directly attacking one of the major causes of health problems,” said Johnsson.

The RTF is improving the province’s health infrastructure by addressing both treatment and prevention systems.

“In addition to the basic plumbing course, we plan to install a number of windmills across the region. They will service centrally located mass-storage tanks, which can be tapped to provide clean water to households, mosques and other community centres,” said Australian Lt. Col. Jarvie. “We are also nearing completion of the Tarin Kowt Hospital redevelopment; a project which will deliver better healthcare services than the province has ever experienced,” he said.

Students receive a daily wage while they are in training and a greatly improved chance at employment upon completion of the course.

The course starts with very basic pipe joining techniques and builds from there through a series of practical applications to teach them more complicated reticulation methods.

“We start by explaining how pipes work and how they join to each other. The material here doesn’t come pre-threaded, so we teach them threading as well. We then move to basic plumbing theory, we install pipes in the ground and eventually put it all together to produce a water source from tank to home,” said Sapper Beatson, plumbing instructor.

The basic plumbing course is the fifth course to be offered by the RTF Trade Training School. Other courses offered include basic, intermediate and advanced construction workers course and a generator maintenance course. In the coming weeks, the RTF will also commence an allied trades course, which concentrates on finishing trades such as painting, tiling and concreting.

Approximately 100 students have been trained by both RTF and local instructors at the Trade Training School since it began in October 2006.

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