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13 Aug 2007

PR# 2007-595

ISAF trains ANA on building bridges

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – ISAF soldiers recently conducted first-ever training with their Afghan National Army engineer brethren on how to assemble a Bailey bridge.

The week-long training for the ANA engineers of the 201st Corps began July 16.

A Bailey bridge is a portable, pre-fabricated bridge designed specifically for military use.  They can span up to 200-foot gaps.  They don’t require special tools or heavy equipment for construction.  Depending on the bridge’s configuration, they can hold up to 100-ton loads. 

One of the major advantages of the Bailey bridge is easy constructability, according to Staff Sgt. John Joyner, one of the trainers.

“The bridge is like putting together Lego parts,” Joyner said.  “It’s a fairly simple bridge to assemble once you set the base plates and rollers correctly. We are training the Afghan engineer soldiers on the bridge system so that they can emplace the bridge themselves.” 

The finished Bailey bridges will allow ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces, along with Afghans, the ability to travel more efficiently across water crossings and gaps in the land.

“The ANA love working and living side-by-side with American soldiers,” said Abdul Ahad, ANA engineer company deputy commander.  

The ANA continues to expand their capabilities in engineering.  Training their soldiers on the bridging mission will allow them to train other ANA soldiers to also build bridges. 

“Bridging is important to our mission,” Ahad said.  “The bridges that we build in the future throughout Afghanistan will allow the districts of the nation to be linked and will tie the country as a whole together. It’s the ANA’s job to help provide these links to the people of Afghanistan.”

“It doesn’t matter where in Afghanistan—north, south, east or west—or time—day or night, we are ready to build bridges and help our people,” Ahad said.

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