12 Aug 2007

PR# 2007-591

Laghman province to open
permanent medical clinic

FORWARD OPERATING BASE MEHTAR LAM, Afghanistan – Officials from the Noori Construction Company and the Mehtar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team signed a $300,000 (US) contract for the Mehtar Lam Tuberculosis Clinic.

Construction will begin mid-August and is expected to be completed within 180 days.

“I would like to thank the PRT for helping us build this clinic in Laghman,” said Dr. Wododullah Noori, Mehtar Lam director of public health.  “The TB programs we had in the past were temporary, but this new clinic will be reliable and will stay here forever, which is very good for the people of Laghman.”

The TB clinic is the first of its kind for Mehtar Lam.  The closest existing TB clinic is in Jalalabad, according to Noori.

“The people of Laghman have economical problems,” Noori said.  “They may know they have TB but couldn’t afford to take care of themselves.  They would have to travel to Pakistan.  When this project is finished, it will solve a lot of the TB problems, and the people will no longer have to travel so far for treatment.”

“Health is very important in the chain of life.  When people have good health it means we can focus on progress in a different direction, for example social affairs and reconstruction,” Noori said.  “The clinic will reduce the spread of infectious TB and improve the quality of health throughout the province.”

The health services of the province will now be consolidated in the city of Mehtar Lam.

“This clinic is important for the health of this region,” said Lt. Col. Robert Ricci, Mehtar Lam PRT commander.  “The PRT is here to provide reconstruction assistance at the request of the government.  The PRT receives its guidance from the governor, the Provincial Development Committee and the Provincial Council.”

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