03 Aug 2007

PR# 2007-584

Taliban targeted in Helmand

Kabul, Afghanistan – Coalition forces in support of ISAF struck a large group of Taliban meeting in a remote area of Helmand province.

The mission was directed against two Taliban leaders present at a meeting of Taliban extremist senior leaders and fighters.  Sources link them to IED operations and attacks on ANSF, ISAF and civilians. The group is known to be directly responsible for facilitating the movements of insurgents between central Helmand, northern Helmand and western Oruzgan provinces. 

“After confirming through multiple sources that numerous Taliban extremist leaders and their followers were gathered in one location, the decision was to strike the group,” said Lt Col Claudia Foss, ISAF spokesperson.  “Any statement to the media that this meeting was anything other than a gathering of insurgents is completely false.  They continue to mislead the public in an attempt to continue their intimidation and harassment of local villagers.”

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