29 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-579

Romanians find 12 killed and 8 wounded in ambush

KABUL, Afghanistan – An ISAF Romanian quick reaction force came upon a civilian convoy ambushed by Taliban extremists. Twelve civilians were dead and 8 were wounded. Four of their vehicles were also destroyed.

The Romanian team from Zabul, immediately evacuate the wounded to Shah Juy and Qalat hospitals.

The extremists had fled into the local nearby villages after the attack.

When the medical evacuation was complete, the Romanians secured the ambush site.

"This attack on an unprotected civilian convoy illustrates the lengths that Taliban extremists stoop to in order to indiscriminately target peaceful Afghans going about their daily lives," said Lt Col Bridget Rose, spokesperson for Regional Command (South). "ISAF and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are determined not to allow such unprovoked acts to disrupt continued development and governance already begun for future prosperity.”

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