26 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-571

Afghan Border Police complete training in Herat

HERAT, Afghanistan – More than 30 Afghan Border Police officers graduated July 25 from a training course taught by Regional Command West’s Task Force Grifo.

“The Afghan Border Police were enthusiastic professionals with a great desire to learn,” said Lt. Col. Tagliaferri, the task force commander.  “With the excellent rapport between students and instructors, we were able to focus on quality rather than quantity.  I’m satisfied we reached our objectives.”

Task force trainers, from Italy’s Guardia di Finanza, instructed the ABP on current control techniques and procedures used in Europe by the International Border Police, said Capt. Ettore Sarli, RC-West official.  The Guardia di Finanza is military police force under the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

“Now the Afghan Border Police officers and NCOs are well trained and prepared to go back to their work places to train their personnel,” Sarli added.

According to the captain, the course is designed to train the trainers.  Among the attendees were personnel from Herat airport, which is destined in the future to become the second largest airport in Afghanistan, Sarli added.

Gen. Fausto Macor, Regional Command West commander, and El Haji Rahmatullah Safi, 6th ABP Brigade commander, attended the ceremony at Herat airport.

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