25 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-567

Threatening driver fired upon by ISAF troops

HELMAND, Afghanistan – ISAF troops were involved in an incident in Gereshk July 24 when an Afghan driver failed to adhere to signals to stop.

ISAF troops were clearing a way for the passage of a logistical convoy in the Gereshk area.  They were controlling and directing local traffic when a vehicle overtook the single line of traffic and began moving towards the control point.

In an attempt to get the driver to stop, the soldiers used verbal and visual warning signs and fired mini flares.  When the vehicle still failed to stop, two warning shots were fired into the hood of the car which then veered off the road.  Local Afghans extracted the male, who appeared to have a lower leg injury.

“ISAF regrets this incident,” said Lt. Col. Bridget Rose, Regional Command South spokesperson.  “ISAF trains its soldiers to give the maximum opportunity to prevent incidents of this sort.  However, security issues remain a high priority.”

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