20 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-548

Romanian units transfer authority

QALAT, Afghanistan – The Romanian 812th Infantry Battalion, part of ISAF, transferred authority to the Romanian 33rd Mountain Battalion here July 16.

The 33rd will step in to continue providing stability and reconstruction to local communities and facilitating governance throughout the region.

“I regard what happened today [July 16] less a relief-in-place than a forward passage,” said Maj. Gen. Jacko Page, Regional Command South commander.  “Each passing-on must continue and forward the work of the previous rotation.”

Zabul Provincial Gov. Del Bar Jan Arman stressed that cooperation of efforts are key to success in the fight against terrorism.

“We must all work together here like brothers to continue to cooperate in Zabul province to continue to fight together against terrorism,” Arman said.  “You have come to give these people peace that has not had peace for the last 25 years.”

Page also spoke on the importance of community, cooperation and the ISAF mission in Zabul.

“We are here for the people of Afghanistan; we are here on their behalf,” Page said.  “The mission of bringing security is very much a joint endeavor.”

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