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15 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-541

Nuristan PRT brings aid to Parun

PARUN, Nuristan, Afghanistan – Members of Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team air-dropped 16 bundles of humanitarian aid June 28.

Working side-by-side, Afghan National Army soldiers and ISAF soldiers from the PRT secured the drop zone and retrieved the packages that were air-dropped by a C-130.

“Fourteen out of the 16 bundles were recovered,” said Capt. Roberts McDonald, 351st Civil Affairs Battalion Civil Affairs Team, who arranged the humanitarian-aid drop.

Following the drop, the 14 bundles, containing, pick axes, cooking supplies, shovels, children’s sweaters, plastic tarps and food, were prepared for distribution by ANA Soldiers.

The humanitarian aid was distributed the following day to the people of Parun at a distribution point near a Medical Civic Action Program site being held by the Nuristan PRT.

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