15 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-538

RC West holds transfer-of-authority ceremony

HERAT, Afghanistan – After more than nine months of command, Brig. Gen. Antonio Satta transferred responsibility of Regional Command West to Brig. Gen. Fausto Macor July 14.

“This has been an intense period,” Satta said, “One full of satisfaction and pride for all the command has done, and for the numerous and significant results we reached in the stabilization and reconstruction of this country.”

“It seems like yesterday that I arrived, and it is already time to leave and go back to my family,” Satta said.  “My heart will remain here in a country I feel close to and have a strong feeling for.”

Gen. Dan K. McNeill, ISAF commander, and Maj. Gen. Tommaso Ferro, deputy chief of the Italian Joint Operative Command, also attended the ceremony.

Sayed Hussain Anwari, Herat provincial governor, Maj. Gen. Jalander Khan Behanam, Afghan National Army 207th Corps commander, and Maj. Gen. El Haj Ak Rahmmuddin, Afghan National Police regional chief also attended to show the relationship between RC West and the local community.

“Thank you to all my dear Afghan friends for your help and friendship,” Satta said.  “Thank you to the men and woman of Regional Command West for all that you have done and how you did it.  You did a great job in a difficult mission.”

“I want to remind everyone one more time that we are guests here,” Satta said.  “We are supporting the Afghan government as it continues to assume responsibilities.”

“To General Macor, all the best in your job here so you can achieve even more,” Satta said. “There’s been a lot done, but so much more needs to be accomplished.”

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