7 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-518

French respond to Rochab flooding

KABUL, Afghanistan – The French battle group of ISAF’s Regional Command Capital recently responded to the flooding in Qareh Bagh district that may have killed three people and destroyed an entire village.

On June 27, the civil-military cooperation team deployed to Rochab, Qareh Bagh district, to help repair and rebuild.  The visit was part of Operation Shukran.  The French portion of the operation is taking place in the northern part of Kabul and aims to improve the security and trust of the local population by reinforcing the local government, said Lt. Serdar Eyiler, Regional Command Capital spokesman.  

“This activity helps us make contact with the local population, to reinforce the French force’s willingness to help and to gain acceptance from the population,” said a French official.  “A mud corridor destroyed everything in the little village.”

The team brought spades, rakes and pickaxes to help clear the local road.  They gave cement and masonry kits to the residents to help them rebuild their damaged home

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