7 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-514

ISAF soldiers vaccinate people in Chaghcharan

CHAGHCHARAN, Afghanistan – Medics from Provincial Reconstruction Team Chaghcharan PRT vaccinated 295 Afghan men, women and children against hepatitis A in the Chaghcharan hospital July 3 and 4.

“We work closely with the medics from the PRT since it was established,” said Juma Gul Jaqubi, Chagcharan hospital director.  “It is very good for the community to have them nearby, because they help us with many situations, such as this one.”

Capt. Andrejus Budakov, chief of PRT medical section, said they conducted the vaccination program because it is not a requirement in Afghanistan, so most people do not receive it as a result.

“In our country vaccination against hepatitis A is mandatory, but it is not in Afghanistan,” Budakov said.

“Not everyone in Ghowr province understands what hepatitis A is,” Budakov said.  “But the fact we are vaccinating them makes a really big impression on them,” he added.

In addition to the vaccination program, the PRT medics work closely with local doctors, helping them with consultations and treating residents of Ghowr province.

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