5 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-510

IRoA, ISAF provide emergency relief in Gayan

Forward Operation Base Salerno, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army and ISAF soldiers led an effort to distribute much needed items to small-border villages in Gayan district, Paktika province, July 3.

More than six tons of aid—to include essentials such as tarps; blankets, sandbags, rice, beans and flour—were delivered to villages where entire wheat crops had been destroyed by recent floods.

“Humanitarian aid [from the Afghan government and ISAF] provides temporary solutions to long-term problems,” said Maj. Donald A. Korpi, an ISAF official.  The aid ISAF is providing with the government’s help addresses the immediate needs of the people, he added.

Several bundles of supplies have been air dropped in the villages of Tangerai and Zanghi Bazaar as well as the Gayan District Center itself.  Eight more bundles are planned for delivery in the villages of Mamadi and Torah Wrey later this week.

After receiving the bundles, Afghan and ISAF soldiers held a shura with village elders to determine the best way to distribute the aid.

Some local elders pointed to the recent flooding as the worst they had seen in their lifetimes.

“We are extremely proud of our soldiers who have witnessed first-hand how the actions of a few impact the lives of thousands,” Korpi said.  “This will probably be the most rewarding part of their deployment.”

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