5 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-509

Turkish soldiers conduct
community outreach programs

KABUL, Afghanistan (July 5) – The Turkish Civil-Military Cooperation team and battle group of Regional Command Capital recently dug wells, and donated medical equipment and recently as part of Operation Shukran.

After a short meeting with the Kadi Zumeray, governor of Khak-e Jabbar, a ceremony signified the hand over of the wells to the villages of Charwazi and Baghay.  Turkish officials said the wells will improve the quality and quantity of water available to drink and for agricultural use.

Both village maliks expressed their satisfaction about the work of the Turkish battle group.

The CIMIC team and Turkish soldiers also donated medical equipment to the Chakarie Village Clinic in Khak-e Jabbar.  The equipment included two stethoscopes and two blood-pressure readers to the Chakari Clinic; Shinah clinic received a similar donation.  In addition, the team handed over 10 boxes medicine to the Chakari clinic.  To the Khak-e Jabbar clinic the team donated one centrifuge and one microscope.

The Shinah Boys School received 100 school bags, 200 large notebooks, 200 small notebooks, 300 pencils, 30 boxes of chalk and 40 chalkboards.

“In my childhood, I chose going school and working for the needs of other people,” said Major Erdogan, Turkish battle group.  “The Turkish Republic sent me to Afghanistan to be useful for our brothers, and I am doing so now.  The future of this country is on your shoulders. Remember this fact.”

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