5 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-507

Farewell ceremony for Ghowr governor

CHAGHCHARAN, Afghanistan – The governor of Ghowr province paid a final visit to the commander of Provincial Reconstruction Team Chaghcharan July 1 during a farewell ceremony.

Ghowr Gov. Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali noted that the PRT’s soldiers were beloved by the local Afghans.

“Your soldiers are liked here because they respect Afghans and our traditions,” Afzali said.

“Chaghcharan has changed in two years,” said Afzali during his meeting with Col. Dalius Polekauskas, PRT Chaghcharan commander.  “Today people live in their own homes.  Stability is coming to Afghanistan.”

Afzali thanked the PRT for the successful support it had provided in bringing a peaceful and stable environment and, more importantly, hope for his people.

“We don’t see a difference between us and you,” the governor said.  “We are the same as you.”

Polekauskas stressed the governor’s contribution to the multinational community’s success in helping to reconstruct the province and bring security.

“Before coming here, I heard about the very good relationship between the governor and the PRT,” Polekauskas said.  “In a couple months I became assured of that myself.”

Afzali has been governor for two years.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai has appointed Ahmady Baz Mohammad to be the next Ghowr governor.

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