3 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-500

Political parties meet at PRT Meymaneh

MEYMANEH, Afghanistan – The security situation in northern Afghanistan was the topic for a recent meeting arranged by Provincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh of the three main political parties of the Faryab province.

Independent political parties Jumbesh, Azadi and Jamiat met in the fourth time in a round-table discussion hosted by PRT Meymaneh to discuss supporting the national government and countering Taliban extremist propaganda.

“Less than a year ago some representatives of these parties were involved in armed conflicts with each other,” said Oskari Eronen, PRT political advisor.  “Therefore, it is a great step forward that the parties now can meet for discussions.”

“The discussions proceeded in a friendly and professional spirit,” said Lt. Elli Flén, PRT Meymaneh spokesperson.  “All three parties promised to do their best to stop insurgents from infiltrating into the province and creating insecurity.”

They also agreed religious leaders should support—and encourage support—for the elected governmental representatives while they criticized the Government of Afghanistan for not directing enough resources to security officials within the northern-most provinces.

The parties agreed that said propaganda from Taliban extremists must be countered and that religious leaders play a key role.

“The tri-party meetings are a part of the PRT’s work for better governance in Faryab,” Flén said.  “Efficient, fair and legitimate governance is the right of every citizen in a well-functioning country.  Without good governance there will never be sustainable development or real security.”

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