2 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-499

Panjshir flooding kills 20; PRT donates equipment

PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – More than 20 Afghans died in flash flooding which began June 27 here. The flood triggered mudslides and destroyed homes across the province.

ISAF’s Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction team has donated equipment and supplies to the local department of public works, which is using the equipment to clear roads.  The Afghan National Army began its own flights over the valley June 28 to assess the situation and the need for aid.

The Panjshir PRT gave more than 500 bags of beans, 510 blankets, 48 cans of full-cream, 500 bags of rice, 500 pair of rubber boots, 32 bags of salt, 1200 sandbags, 300 tarpaulins and 200 boxes of tea. 

The PRT team will also deliver 9000 sandbags, eight tents, 10 tool kits, 500 first aid kits, 900 blankets and 480 cans of milk.

Panjshir emergency response committee officials said roads and bridges have been washed away and businesses damaged.  In addition, there has been widespread crop and livestock loss.

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