2 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-496

ISAF convoy involved in an incident with a motorcyclist

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – An ISAF convoy was involved in an incident in Kandahar City earlier today when an Afghan motorcyclist approached the vehicles in a threatening manner.

“Recently, Taliban extremists have typically used motorcycles to launch suicide-bomb attacks,” said Lt. Col. Mike Smith, Regional Command South spokesman.

ISAF soldiers used hand signals to warn the man not to approach the convoy.  Follow-on warnings included a flare and then four carefully aimed warning shots. 

The motorcyclist ignored all these warnings; therefore, the soldiers had to act defensively.  An ISAF soldier fired two shots at the motorcycle that disabled it.  One of the rounds wounded the rider in the ankle. 

Afghan National Police arrived on-scene.  The casualty was taken to the local hospital.  There were no other casualties.

“ISAF goes to great lengths to ensure that the local population understands our convoy operations and warning measures to ensure the safety of everyone,” Smith said. 

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