1 Jul 2007

PR# 2007-495

Shura leaders ask for ISAF support

URUZGAN, Afghanistan – More than 40 tribal elders of Mirabad district met with ISAF officials in a shura to discuss ways to support the provincial government and move forward now that Taliban extremists have been expelled from the area by Afghan officials.

Meanwhile, 25 tribal leaders of Chowreh district had a meeting with Maulavi Abdul Hakim Munib, Uruzgan governor; Gen. Dan K. McNeill, ISAF commander; and Maj. Gen. Jacko Page, Regional Command South commander.  Also attending the June 30 meeting were the district chief and the district chiefs of the Afghan National Security Forces.

A RC-South spokesman said the shura is a positive development.

“Local leaders agree this shura is a welcome sign,” said Lt. Col. Mike Smith, Regional Command South spokesman.  “Taliban extremists’ tactics—using civilians as human shields—has clearly turned the local population away from them and toward the legitimate government.”

Before the shura, the tribal elders met with Uruzgan governor Munib.  The governor offered support from the provincial government as a reward for the brave conduct of the people of Mirabad in the face of recent insurgent attempts to terrorize the local people.  They persuaded the Taliban extremists to leave the area because they were no longer welcome.

Mirabad has been known as a stronghold for the Taliban extremists during the past year, according to ISAF officials.  There are strong indications that the Taliban extremists are leaving the area, as the tribal elders reported.

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