30 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-492

ISAF members assist flood victims in Parwan

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – ISAF soldiers continue to assist Afghan National Security Forces and the government of Afghanistan providing flood relief to flood victims in Panjshir and Parwan provinces.

Since the flooding began a number of days ago, more than 50 families have lost their homes and 17 vehicles have been trapped in one water-covered road.

The flood relief consisted of humanitarian aid comprising food, medicine, tents and blankets to hundreds of civilians affected by the recent flooding.

“The Panjshir government’s response has been superior throughout,” said Lt. Col. Chris Luedtke, commander, Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team. According to Leudtke, two tons of medicine, water trucks, 200 tents, 600 blankets, rice and other food rations have begun to arrive to the hardest hit areas.

Furthermore, Salang district villagers in Parwan province continued to recover from damage caused to their homes by recent flooding.

Abdul Zahir Salangi, Parwan shura leader, met with Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team leadership June 28 during their assessment of the district. 

“We are thankful that you came,” Salangi said.  “We appreciate all of your help, and we are happy that the government has sent help.”

Concluding their assessment, Afghan National Police and the Bagram PRT distributed humanitarian aid to villagers.  Salangi said his number-one priority was to rebuild the main road into the village. 

 “The fact that the people of Salang are working with the government to get the assistance they need is a significant step toward self reliance,"  said Capt. Erick Saks, Bagram PRT operations officer.  "It shows that the people are beginning to trust their government.”

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