27 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-479

PRT Farah participates in fourth phase of Operation Now Ruz

FARAH, Afghanistan – ISAF’s Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah participated in the fourth phase of Operation Now Ruz, a joint ISAF-coordinated operation, in Bala Baluk district of Farah province on June 18-19.

One of the focuses for the PRT during this operation was the Bakhshabad Dam project.  PRT representatives discussed with district officials and village elders the proposed project.  They also discussed how they can contribute to its success. 

“We are hopeful this project will start soon.  It will help the people of my village with more jobs and money.  The future of the people of Bala Baluk will improve with the Bakhshabad Dam project,” said Ageeb Baseer, a Shewan village elder. 

Capt. Michael Lee, a PRT Farah Civil Affairs team leader, agreed.

“This project will have a huge positive impact on this region,” Lee said.  “It is important that local leaders are aware of the project and contribute to its success.”

The Bakhshabad Dam would bring economic development to Farah province.  Not only would it bring power to the majority of the province, the construction of the dam would provide jobs to thousands of local nationals in the Bala Baluk district. 

Village elders were eager for the project to start and promised their support and contribution to the project.

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