25 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-473

Canadians honor departing Afghan generals

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Members of ISAF’s Canadian-led Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team held a parade recently to honor two out-going Afghan National Police generals.

The parade honored Brig. Gen. Esmatullah Alizai, the out-going chief of police for Kandahar province, and Brig. Gen. Mohammed Hussain, outgoing Kandahar PRT representative to the Ministry of the Interior.

“I was not expecting such a ceremony,” Alizai said.

Much like their Canadian military counterparts, both Afghan generals said service to their government comes with certain responsibilities. 

“My country is at war, and we go where our country needs us,” Hussain said.

The recently promoted Hussain will now be the chief of police for Helmand province.  Alizai is moving to Paktia province to become the chief of police there. 

The parade recognized both ANP generals for their outstanding efforts at promoting security and stability in Kandahar province.

Hussain has been in the ANP for 37 years and has worked at the Kandahar PRT for more than 3 years.  Hussain said he was particularly impressed and moved by the ceremony. 

Both generals accepted certificates that reflected their efforts.  Alizai received the PRT Commander’s Commendation for “his leadership on Kandahar Province policing issues and counsel and support to the KPRT and the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.” 

Hussain received the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Commander’s Commendation in “recognition of his outstanding professionalism, dedication and commitment during his tenure with the KPRT.”  The commendation also noted Hussain “has become a trusted colleague and friend to the Canadian mission and has the respect of all ranks in the KPRT.”

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