25 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-471

Afghan-led Operation Maiwand model for future

KABUL, Afghanistan – The first major operation planned and led by Afghan National Security Forces has resulted in 86 villages being secured in Ghazni province and 1800 people receiving medical care.

"ISAF has acted in a supporting role for Op Maiwand," said Lt. Col. Maria Carl, ISAF spokesperson. "This exemplifies that the ANSF are well on the road toward greater capacity and self-sufficiency."

Operation Maiwand was planned, coordinated, and initiated by ANSF forces, she said.

Military planners are saying that Operation Maiwand is a model for future operations throughout the country where the ANSF will eventually take the lead on all military operations.

The object was to remove the shadow of the former Taliban government and to secure the Andar district of Ghazni.  About 600 ANSF forces from the 203rd Combined Task Force, supported by ISAF's Task Force Fury conducted operations during which residents were treated in temporary medical facilities.

Medical team members also trained 12 doctors, on pharmacist, two dentists, two medics and two veterinarians in skills what will benefit the local people and livestock.  The goal of Operation Maiwand and other such operations to create conditions so that when ISAF forces leave the area, security will be handled by the local district people with only minimal outside support, officials said.

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