23 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-465

ISAF, ANSF detain insurgents in Uruzgan

URUZGAN, Afghanistan – ISAF and Afghan Forces conducted a deliberate operation in Uruzgan province recently resulting in the detention of insurgents.

During a mission, approved by the government of Afghanistan, ISAF supported Afghan National Security Forces in an operation against known Taliban in Uruzgan.  Officials confirmed they have detained several persons of interest who have suspected links to Taliban extremists in the area.

Intelligence reports indicate that the detainees were involved in planning attacks against ISAF, civilians and officials of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

ISAF, in support of ANSF, conducted an operation in Mirabad district, against insurgent leaders who have been responsible for the increased activity in nearby Chowreh.

This was a coordinated operation with no civilian casualties or damage to infrastructure, and follows a series of severe blows against the Taliban by ANSF and ISAF over the last few weeks.  These operations will directly impact the Taliban extremists’ ability to conduct operations, making it safer for the local Afghan population, officials said.

Ongoing ANSF and ISAF operations are aimed at undermining the ability of the extremists to plan and coordinate attacks against the government and the Afghan people.

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