23 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-463

Insurgents killed in engagement along border

KHOWST, Afghanistan – A large group of insurgents were engaged by ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces today along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in Bermel district, Paktika province.

Initial reports say that there was a group of about 45 insurgents and multiple groups of eight to 10 enemy fighters maneuvering inside of Afghanistan, preparing to conduct an assault in the vicinity of Bermel. 

Being careful to assess the situation, ISAF forces conducted visual reconnaissance operations to further confirm the intent of the enemy.  During this effort, the insurgents fired upon the aircraft which were supporting ISAF forces.  As the event was in the vicinity of the border, ISAF forces coordinated with Pakistan officials as to Pakistan military forces' disposition and location in the area. 

“These individuals clearly had weapons and used them against our aircraft as well as shooting rockets against our positions,” said Col. Martin P. Schweitzer, commander of Task Force Fury.  “This demonstrated intent to cause serious harm to the people of Bermel, the tribes within the border region, and to security forces.”

ISAF forces conducted combined air and artillery strikes against the insurgents as they attempted to flee across the border into Pakistan.  Many of the insurgents were killed.

This is the largest enemy formation observed by ISAF maneuvering in this area since January, said Schweitzer.  The decrease of enemy moving along the border has been attributed to the increased cooperation and information sharing between the Pakistan military, ANSF, and ISAF partners and the people of the border region.

There were no reported Pakistan military, ISAF or ANSF forces injured or wounded during the engagement.  A joint investigation into the attack is ongoing.

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