21 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-456

Afghan citizens foil suicide bombing

KANDAHAR CITY, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF soldiers worked together on tips by Afghan civilians June 18 to stop a potential vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack here.

“Based on tips from citizens, Gen. Esmatullah Alizai, chief of police for Kandahar province, said security forces were looking for a suicide bomber in a vehicle somewhere in the city.  ANSF troops located a vehicle matching the description on the side of the road.  When ANSF troops attempted to stop the vehicle, the bomber then fled the scene.  He left the vehicle and its lethal cargo parked near houses on a busy street, according to the general.

“What kind of a person hides in a vehicle and blows himself up?” asked Alizai.  “This is not the Afghan way.  This is not the way of Islam.  The people who do these kinds of activities are cowards and murderers.  This explosion could have killed many innocent children and their families.  Only by the action of our security forces, assisted by ISAF troops, were we able to make this area safe again.”

The ANSF secured the area and called for assistance from the Provincial Reconstruction Team Kandahar Quick Response Force.  They responded and disabled the explosive devices.

Also inside the vehicle was an empty container of heroin.  According to Alizai, suicide bombers are known to use the drug before such attacks.  Using drugs is an example of how cowardly the enemies of peace and stability are, Alizai said.

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