19 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-447

PRT Meymaneh donates blood to save Afghan woman

MEYMANEH, Afghanistan – In cooperation with a local hospital, members of ISAF’s Provincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh donated blood June 17 to save the life of an Afghan woman.

A mother’s life was in danger at a local hospital, according to a PRT Meymaneh official.  She suffered severe blood loss during a complicated Caesarian section, the official added.  The child had already been lost.

Hospital officials called the PRT medical staff for assistance.  In response, an anesthetist doctor and an anesthetist nurse from the PRT surgical team hurried to the hospital to assist.  Meanwhile, members of the PRT Meymaneh medical team called upon PRT soldiers with the right blood type to donate blood. 

PRT Meymaneh maintains a “living blood bank” that lists the blood types of all PRT soldiers, said Lt. Elli Flén, PRT spokesperson.  The system identified five donors who provided two-and-a-half bags of blood that the doctors gave to the woman.

The PRT medical team visited the patient today, and found her still weak but getting better, Flén said.

The blood bank is normally intended for the PRT’s soldiers, but the doctors at the hospital know the PRT will help in life-threatening emergencies, Flén said.  The official said the bank has provided blood on three occasions to the local hospital in the year it’s been operating.

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