10 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-434

IED attack claims one,
wounds four in Ghazni

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan (June 10) – One Afghan National Army soldier was killed June 9 and four were wounded as a result of an improvised explosive device attack near Sufrah village, in Ghazni province.  ISAF forces responded to the scene and provided security.

The members of an ANA weapons company were patrolling near Sufrah, as part of Operation Maiwand, near Ghazni city when the IED denoted. 

“There was a call for assistance from the ANA to the command center, and we immediately responded providing medical and security assistance,” Maj. Donald A. Korpi, Operation Maiwand spokesman.

“There were no ISAF injuries or causalities associated with this attack on the ANA,” Korpi said.  “We are not surprised by these cowardly acts, nor are our Afghan brothers-in-arms.  The insurgents have realized that they have lost the war of ideas.  They cannot fight ISAF or the Afghan National Security Forces, so the only thing left for them is terrorist acts and murder.”

Helicopters evacuated the four wounded soldiers to Forward Operating Base Ghazni.

“This is, again, an act of the enemy of Islam and the enemy of the people of Afghanistan,” said Abdul Khaliq, ANA 203rd Corps commander.  Our soldiers are defending the soil of their families and country, they will fight to the (last) man.”

This incident is currently under investigation by ISAF forces.

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