9 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-431

Italian PRT builds pipeline, brings fresh water

INGIL DISTRICT, Afghanistan – ISAF’s soldiers at Provincial Reconstruction Team Herat recently completed a nine-kilometer water pipeline in Ingil district, ensuring local Afghans have access to fresh water.

In the past, many children in the district died from sicknesses related to bad drinking water, according to officials.  One mother is happy about the pipeline.

"I have two surviving children and this project helps me ensure they remain healthy," Maliaka said.

“Our children will no longer suffer from thirst or stomach aches in the summer,” said Haji Mir Abdul Khaliq, deputy governor of Herat.  “People can also work and study better when they are healthy.”

Engineer Habibullah Zawran who helped install the new water supply system, said, “This project will save many lives of people, especially those of small children.”

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