7 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-427

Village elders banish Taliban

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan –  Elders from the village of Gaweshak, Qarabagh district, announced June 4 they have decided to no longer supply or provide safe houses for Taliban extremist fighters after years of oppression, physical abuse, murder and beheadings.

“We will stand behind the good people of Ghazni until the last drop of blood has run out of every officer’s vein.  We are here as servants of the people and true followers of Islam,” said Abdul Nasir, director of operations for the Afghan National Police, Ghazni province. 

“The people of Gaweshak are [the reason] why we fight.  If all the villages in Ghazni would take such a position, the enemies of Afghanistan would flee in fear, like dogs,” Nasir added.

The villagers have decided to stand their ground and cut off all support and supplies to the insurgents, despite the threat of Taliban fighters operating only five kilometers (3.1 miles) away in nearby mountains, according to Lt. Col. David Accetta, Regional Command East spokesman.

 “The enemies of the Government of Afghanistan are finding sanctuaries more difficult to come by as more villages and districts turn to their elected governments for services and assistance,” Accetta said.

Operation Maiwand will to continue in Ghazni province as long as needed, officials said.

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