2 Jun 2007

PR# 2007-415

Bicycle-borne IED injures Afghan child

KABUL, Afghanistan – Extremists detonated a bicycle-borne improvised-explosive device which injured an Afghan child June 1 in the vicinity of a mosque at a bazaar in Deh Rawod, Uruzgan province. 

The child suffered a foot injury.  ISAF troops from Camp Hadrian responded to the attack.  The child’s parents brought the child to the ISAF military facility for medical attention.

“ISAF medical teams will treat anyone in need of immediate medical care, including local civilians, whether they were harmed by insurgents or in some other way,” said Lt. Col. Angela Billings, ISAF spokesperson.

The IED strike was at a busy bazaar on Thursday afternoon, close to one of the town’s mosques.  Local shopkeepers were also among those injured by the blast. 

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