27 May 2007

PR# 2007-407

ISAF, ANSF train to thwart IED threat

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan soldiers, police and other government security forces joined ISAF May 26 in improvised explosive device exercises at a base in the capital.

The teams worked together on responding to a number of different IED scenarios throughout the day, improving their capability to work together, and sharing the latest, most-effective information and procedures, said a senior member of the counter-IED unit at ISAF Headquarters.  Explosive ordnance teams from France and Turkey supported the training.  Everyone involved was enthusiastic and committed to successful interaction.

“This activity, in cooperation and coordination with ISAF forces, was very useful,” said a Kabul city police officer.  “We learned much and identified our gaps and capabilities.”

“The Afghan National Security Forces were helpful and professional,” the ISAF official said.  “Everyone wants to improve; everyone wants to get better at countering this threat.  We are all here for one reason only:  to save people’s lives.”

Officials designed the exercises to increase cooperation and coordination between friendly forces operating in Afghanistan. ‘Cooperation and coordination save lives’ was the theme for the day-long event.

IEDs placed by Taliban extremists have claimed 55 Afghan civilians so far this year and more than 250 have been wounded. While more than 190 attacks have been prevented, ISAF and ANSF are looking to improve their rate of thwarting IED attacks, officials said.

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