26 May 2007

PR# 2007-401

Kabul governors have working lunch with ISAF representatives

KABUL, Afghanistan – Regional Command Capital hosted a lunch for Kabul provincial governors at Camp Dogan May 17 with the Turkish Battle Group.

“We are here to talk over the general problems and needs of the districts, face-to-face, so that we can easily overcome problems with the aid process,” said Brig. Gen. Kasım Erdem, Regional Command Capital commander, in a speech to the gathering.  He expressed his hope for monthly meetings to maintain the goodwill between the Kabuli people and ISAF.

Hadji Din Mohammad, Kabul governor, said his region needs mass transportation vehicles as well as a water canal to connect the Kabul River to eight districts.

Several of the vice governors then stressed to General Erdem their requests for girls schools, clinics and water supplies.

The attendees also discussed shortcomings in providing aid and reviewed problems each district was experiencing.  They also set priorities for and coordinated Civil-Military Cooperation and relief efforts.

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