26 May 2007

PR# 2007-399

ISAF provides humanitarian aid to Kuchis in Kandahar province

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Members of ISAF’s 51 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment, part of the force protection element at Kandahar Airfield, distributed humanitarian aid provided by the 207th Infantry Brigade to nomadic Kuchis camps in Kandahar province May 16. 

The RAF force protection personnel unloaded two trucks of humanitarian aid goods including rugs, rice, beans, basic farm supplies, clothing and school supplies at two local Kuchis camps.

“We do this every two weeks or so, it helps when on patrol because they remember this,” said Flying Officer Kev O’Brian, an officer with 51 Sqn, RAF Regiment.  “We send patrols out to find areas of need.  We help those in need by making a list of things to improve like water, food and medical,” he added.

There have been more than 20 civil-military cooperation missions in the past six months providing over $100,000 of humanitarian aid to the local populace.   Over 150 tons of goods have been delivered, including 600 radios, 600 pairs of boots and 47,500 kilograms of rice, flour and beans. 

Six deep wells and two karezes (underground water channels) were also constructed, which increased the quality and quantity of water for agricultural and drinking use, at a cost of $105,000.  The projects benefited an estimated 40,000 residents in the Daman district and provided employment for more than 300 people.

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