24 May 2007

PR# 2007-395

ISAF provides medical care for wounded civilians

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – ISAF members provided medical care for  five Afghan civilians wounded by a Taliban extremist rocket that hit their village May 23 in Zabul province. Tragically, two Afghan children died in addition to the five Afghans who were wounded.

Two ISAF soldiers were also wounded in the exchange of fire.

“ISAF medical teams will treat anyone in need of immediate medical care, including local civilians, whether they were harmed by insurgents or in some other way,” said Lt. Col. Angela Billings, ISAF spokesperson.

Enemy fighters launched an initial attack, and ISAF forces returned fire.  Soon after, a Taliban-fired rocket hit the village.  There were women and children among the wounded.  ISAF soldiers administered care and medically evacuated the wounded to an ISAF medical facility. 

Some insurgents were killed in the incident.

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